Scott Garner


Scott Garner's fascination with novels is driven in large part by the desire to create one. He's that guy. One Day I'm Gonna Write a Novel Guy. He has no fewer than three very rough drafts of at least 30,000 words resting harmlessly on hard drives throughout his house where they can cause no harm. You know what they say: those who can, do. Those who can't, podcast. While waiting for the inspiration and confidence to finally finish writing a book, he peddles booze for a beer, wine and spirits distributor. Before that dream job, he spent a decade working as an award-winning journalist.


He lives in Statesboro, Georgia, with his wife, Jessica, and 4-year old son, Atticus. Yes, the kid is named for that Atticus.


Crystal DeLaurentis

Host/Indispensable Voice of Reason

The coming of Crystal DeLaurentis was heralded by a star that led people to a tiny field in Kansas where nothing happened since she was busy being born in a manger in South Philly surrounded by dock workers and dead fish. By the age of five, she was being mentored in the art of kickboxing by her retired ninja grandfather who dreamed that she would one day take home the gold in some big sporting event. Sadly, those dreams ended the day of the tragic sailing accident that left Crystal with a debilitating knee injury. In an effort to find meaning in life again, Crystal began reading a throng of Babysitters Club books and watching a ridiculous amount of action films. Along the way, she got some education and went some places and learned some stuff about herself which is sort of personal to share in a simple bio, so mind your own business.


Today Crystal shares an apartment with her iPhone and a desktop computer she built herself. She is a collector of crafts she doesn't finish and spends her free time keeping Netflix in business.

Team "Literally"


Team "Literally"